Dykes VS Femmes: What is the difference?

By danaeca scott

To a Lamen; (the lamen being a straight person) the difference between dykes and femmes is non existent and not at all necessary. A straight man or woman would more thank likely laugh at the distinction most lesbians make between the two. Well, to that straight man or woman, let me proudly say, the distinction between dyke and femme is necessary and in my opinion profoundly paramount. Personally, I have never entered into a relationship with a femme woman. I find it redundant and without cause. I find no thrill in missing my lipstick, arguing over a dress, or discussing at length feelings or who was eaten out for the longer period of time. I love “Dykes”. I find the dyke intriguing, sexy and completely necessary. I think they are one of the best things about this lifestyle; better yet about life. I n my opinion, dykes make better men than most men. Straight men feel their manhood lies between their legs. Most straight men feel this so strongly they fail in all other areas of being a man, in areas of personal ethics, integrity, and providing for their woman and or family. These straight men leave their dicks to do all the functions of living a productive straight male life. I am not in any way male bashing, I am simply stating the obvious contrast between the straight man and the masculine woman, affectionately known as the dyke. In my opinion straight men feel inferior to dykes. Not for dressing and smelling better that most men, but for the women dykes are able to claim. The woman that occupies the company of a dyke is a sexy femme. Not all the time but more often than not she attractive, sexy, and confident. It is the femmes’ beauty and the ability the dyke has to capture that beauty that mystifies men, and emasculates them. It is this same fact, that makes this so called “men” say terrible things like, “you some dick in your life.” Or “you are too pretty to be gay.” Whatever in the hell that means. As if attractive femmes are entitled to be with men because we are easy on the eyes. I stand by everything I write, and everything I have said above I feel to be true; however; you can’t keep a woman from being a woman. In my opinion, the only thing dykes and femme share is their ability to feel. It has been said that even the most masculine dyke cannot avoid or repress her ability to express feeling for too long. Some straight women have a huge issue with men who cry or express emotion; Straight women term this as “a man with a feminine side.” So, in our parallel universe, dykes have found it absolutely necessary to keep their emotions quiet, and when they do, they do so with flying colors. My dyke is kind, sometimes to a fault. She is sincere in her feelings for me and she actively shares her feelings with me; nevertheless, she is still the sexiest person I have ever met. When we are together at a heterosexual event or gathering and the men say things that are complimentary to her for having me as her woman, she replies thank you in her manufactured masculine voice and pats me on my ass, even when the situation is reversed and the guys’ comments are not so kind, she still is a bigger man than most men. She does not dignify them with a response; she looks them right in the eyes and she smiles with her hand firmly planted on my ass. In areas of sex, Dykes most often, not in all cases, but very often want to assume the giver role. In this instance most dykes are also referred to in our community as masculine, dominant and also, the aggressor. Dykes feel it is their obligated duty to please before being pleased. They assume lead. Well, I guess assume isn’t a fair a word use because most, if not all of them are doing what comes natural to them. For dykes to take the aggressive role is only doing what is natural for them to do. To say that a dyke does not like to be touched at all, now that is assuming. These manly creatures are still women and they want to be touched and physically adored, just not in the same way as we femmes choose to be touched and physically adored. I will not be presumptuous and give ways to which dykes like to be touched. To do so would be socially incorrect and would lack the element of truth because all dykes are not one in the same, which leads me to my closing. Dykes and Femmes are in my opinion, a necessary paring, like Sampson and Delialah, Romeo and Juliet, or better yet, like Sappho and her nest of lovers. The straight person who assumes no responsibility for the hardship, judgments, and harsh criticism that he or she might have individually caused to our community, we are not the same and the difference between us, is a difference that we have found completely necessary for our community and lifestyle. The difference might be a mere inconsequence in some relationships and a huge factor in others’ but whatever the gap between important to inconsequential the difference is wonderful and dually noted.

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