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These lists exist to facilitate the exchange of news, jobs, rentals, event announcements and information relevant to the appropriate region and gender.

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San Francisco

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Alameda & Contra Costa Counties

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Lavender Event Posting Guidelines

The purpose is for local information only and not for discussion, national news, resumes, referrals, and related postings. People are welcomed to cross post mixed gender events on both the male/trojan and female/sappho lists.

Postings for non-profit and not-for-profit agencies that fit the LGBT Lavender Events are distributed free. Please contact us for advertising rates for commercial postings.

Looking for Referrals? Try BA-Sappho!

For referrals such as doctors, vets and related recommendations, please subscribe to BA-Sappho at (about 30 messages a day). Send messages by posting to BA-Sappho's demographics include the entire bay area for women only and allows postings including networking for bay area dykes and general information. BA-Sappho unsubscribe information.

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Visit our online Sappho archive and blog any comments on the events and postings.

Your Privacy is Important to Us

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